Alexander Muzenhardt
Darts Player

I was born in Stuttgart, a city based in the southwestern part of Germany. Up to the age of 20 I played often E-Darts with friends in local bars and pubs. During these times I have not even known, that Steel Darts exists and how much better it is. During the years 2016 and 2017 I went more often to bars to play E-Darts because I wanted to become better and to defeat my friends who where always better than me.

If I remember correctly, it was in the early Spring of 2018 when I was out with a friend playing darts in a local pub. That day was amazing. My darts flew easier than the other days and it was more fun.

After that day I was so excited of playing darts that I did some researches on the internet and found that there is a second way of playing darts. Steeldarts. The next two days I started to check what Steeldarts is and what the professional players use. And yes, they play Steeldarts. So, long story short. I bought me darts and a dartboard and started to play in my living room.

After four months playing darts alone I joined a Dartclub in my hometown called 1. DC Göppingen e.V.

And this is how I started darts.

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How I play
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Where I play
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Tournament Date Location Performance
No tournaments in 2017 N/A N/A N/A
Tournament Date Location Performance
Dornstadt Open 2018 07.07.2018 Dornstadt 1st Round
Steel meets Sisal Cup 21.07.2018 Beilstein 2nd Round
Club Championship 2018 18.08.2018 Göppingen 1st Round
8th Steel meets E-Dart Cup 31.08.2018 Göppingen 13th of 23
2nd Lauffener Stadtmeisterschaft 2018 01.09.2018 Lauffen am Neckar 2nd Round
27th Ulmer Competition 2018 08.09.2018 Ulm 1st Round
1st 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 30.09.2018 Mietingen 1st Round
1st 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 30.09.2018 Mietingen 1st Round
5th Mixed Triple 2018 02.10.2018 Göppingen 1st Round
Staufen-Cup 2018 03.10.2018 Göppingen 2nd Round
2nd 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 21.10.2018 Huttenheim 0 out of 35
3rd 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 11.11.2018 Mosbach 3 out of 35
2nd 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 17.11.2018 Munderkingen 2 out of 35
3rd 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 08.12.2018 Regglisweiler N/A
2018 BWDV Championship 16.12.2018 Göppingen N/A
Tournament Date Location Performance
4th 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 27.01.2019 Mosbach N/A
4th 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 09.02.2019 Untersulmetingen N/A
5th 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 24.02.2019 Wolfsölden N/A
5th 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 24.03.2019 Göppingen N/A
6th 2018/2019 BWDV Rankings Tournament 24.03.2019 Göppingen N/A
6th 2018/2019 DVOS Rankings Tournament 04.05.2019 Bad Waldsee N/A
2018 DVOS Championship 04.05.2019 Bad Waldsee N/A
2018 DVOS Masters 25.05.2019 Bad Mehrstetten N/A


Darts is an attitude to life.

"Ever since I've been 16, 15, that's all I've been doing: playing darts."

Have questions?

When did you start playing darts?

I started playing Steeldarts with the age of 22 in March 2018.

Which darts did you play at first?

I started with a low-budget set of darts bought at Amazon. Just two weeks later I changed to the 24g Peter Wright Euro 11 which I still play.

Do you play in a club?

Have you ever thrown a 180 or 171?

I have thrown a 171 on a E-Dart machine. I am still waiting for my first 171 with steeldarts. I have also never thrown a 180 yet.

Do you play on the 20 or 19 bed?

I prefer to play on the 20 bed.

Do you play with your left or right hand?

I play with my right hand. Sometimes I switch, just to train my left hand a bit but on tournaments I always use the right hand.

City of Stuttgart

Born in DE

I am a darts player from Stuttgart, Germany who like to just throw darts into a board at the wall.

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City of Göppingen

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