Hi, I'm Alex.

I am a JavaScript developer.

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About me.

Hi, I am Alex and a JavaScript developer. I do some projects where JavaScript is required, like websites with some special functions or the like. What I am going to do in 2019 is to built some JavaScript projects which helps and support people. The platform where I share all my stuff is at Instagram and Github. In Instagram you can follow me around through my everyday life, at Github you can download my projects.

So, I am looking forward to start my projects and to hear from you.

What I am working on.

Currently I am working on the following projects. These projects are special JavaScript projects and general webdesign projects.

  • JavaScript.
  • Formula One Countdown
  • Random Number Generator
  • Card Game Prize Generator
  • Webdesign.
  • Website for 'Motion Logistics Network GmbH'
  • Website for 'Lowangle'

What I have done.

Below you find all my finished projects.

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BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator using Bootstrap 4 and pure JavaScript (ES6).

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Get in contact.

I am happy about every message, feedback and constructive criticism. You can write me at hello@alexmuzenhardt.com or just get in contact with me on Instagram